Are you looking for a new mobile phone? If you would like to learn how to register as a new user at, here you will find all the necessary information for you to find your next T-Mobile UK smartphone.

Create your personal account at

Creating a new account offers you multiple advantages, such as the ability to enjoy broadband help and customer support, or the possibility of checking your monthly payments.

If you would like to learn how to register and log into your new account, you will only have to follow these simple instructions :

  1. First of all, you will have to visit the T-Mobile’s home page on or by using any of the many compatible Internet browsers. It is possible to gain access to this application from a mobile phone, a PC, an iPad or even a Mac.
  2. Then, you will have to click on ‘My Account’, located next to ‘Your Basket’.

    Acces to your T-Mobile's account

    Acces to your T-Mobile’s account

  3. You will need to register a new account in the T-Mobile’s login page. To do that, just fill an application, including important data such as your name, address, age and phone number.

    Login to your T-Mobile account

    Login to your T-Mobile account

  4. After receiving a confirmation, you will be able to use your login data and start using the app.

Find the T-Mobile UK smartphone that is right for you

T-Mobile UK allows you to choose from a wide selection of mobile phones, making it easy for you to select the smartphone that fits your necessities best.

While there are many models from where to choose from, T-Mobile also offers you a series of top up accessories, as well as many services like coverage checker and bill enquiry.

In addition, you will also be able to take advantage of many other features, such as :

  • The possibility to use your login info to check your account and pmcollect with your data.
  • Look for the myt-mobile register link and use the exclusive T-Mobile picture message collect feature, with will allow you to receive photos and images directly into your smartphone.
  • Use the app to check your upgrade plan, look for a new phone or take advantage of any of the new offers available on the site.

Check, contact us, enjoy their features now and discover why so many clients prefer this website.

T-Mobile Birmingham (Bullring)

T-Mobile’s head office
12 Upper West Mall
The Bullring Shopping Centre
Birmingham B5 4AF, United Kingdom

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