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How to establish and sign my UK Account

One will first need to register with Virgin Mobile before he or she is able to access the My Account feature. This can be easily accomplished by providing an existing Virgin phone number and an alphanumeric code (on the registration page). If the phone number is not available, the customer can also register by using the “joining pack” that was originally supplied with the SIM card or the modem.

Register Virgin mobile

To register your Virgin account, enter your mobile phone number.


Once the account is verified via an email message, one can then log in and access various features. Discover also Boost Mobile company, another way to manage your phone contract. Some of the issues which can be resolved through this basic portal include:

  • Adding a different mobile phone or Virgin account number.
  • Checking an existing balance.
  • Making an online payment.
  • Observing any recent call history.
  • Purchasing a prepaid calling card.
  • Obtaining further help.

All activity can be viewed through this centralised platform and one will also have the ability to top up existing credit. Please keep in mind that these same personal details can be used to access Assurance Wireless (an affiliate of Virgin Mobile).

Addressing common issues with a Virgin Mobile account

There may be times when one cannot access an account or other changes are required. These can normally be addressed through a few easy steps. For instance, it is possible to be locked out of the website if incorrect data is entered on a number of different occasions. The phone number, the associated surname and the postcode will need to be provided in such a case. The same holds true if a PIN number has been misplaced. If one has purchased a new phone and hopes to retain an existing number, Virgin will be able to provide a number for porting (the ability to keep one’s original number)Cancelling an account can also be an issue from time to time. Should a customer desire to close an account, Virgin Mobile can be contacted at 0345 454 2222 or 789 from a mobile phone. Finally, other features such as understanding credit rewards and technical concerns can be addressed by sending an email or contacting a representative on the aforementioned numbers.

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These are some of the basic features that may be accessed through one’s Virgin Mobile account. In most cases, all problems and queries can be solved in a matter of minutes.

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