Purchase with Amazon account and discover all benefits of this amazing marketplace. Premium or occasional buyer, learn how to do shopping on www.amazon.com

Amazon offers a wealth of fantastic items at value prices; from brand new stock to second hand products, you will always find what you are looking for. By following the steps set out below, you are sure to enjoy Amazon to its full potential. If you are an Ebay friendly user, you will be at home with Amazon.

Getting started with Amazon account

The very first step is to visit the amazon.com website, there you will see an option in the top right hand side of the screen to ‘sign up’ and to create an amazon account. You will be ready to instantly enjoy your new account once this stage is complete; you do so by entering the information that is highlighted by the prompts and following the step by step instructions that will follow. In short;

  • Visit amazon.com
  • Select ‘Sign up’
  • Enter the required data following the prompts
  • Sign in any time you visit the site using your personal log in details
Signin Amazon

To register, click on “Create an account”


By selecting ‘ my account ‘ once you have completed the sign in process, you can manage your payment methods, add a new credit card and check any gift card balance that you may have. If for any reason you decided that you wanted to leave Amazon, you go into the settings heading of the ‘My Account’ section and select ‘ close account ‘. You can also delete any old information at any time and re-enter your current data in the ‘My Account’ section.

Other points to consider on amazon.com

In order to sign in to your Amazon for Kindle account, you simply use the same log in details as when you are logging in on any other computer or mobile device. Here, as before you can gift money to charity, become a seller and get help on anything including the very rare occurrence of your account being hacked; Using PayPal will protect your payment information if this should happen.

Amazon support

Need help from Amazon support? Firstly, choose your topic!


The Amazon customer services are always ready to help when you need them with a smile in their voice. They understand that it can be daunting getting started, but therefore mentioned information should show you how simple it is to sign up and navigate the bargain rich Amazon website.


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