O2 is a leading employer in the UK, responsible for over 11,000 jobs. O2 My account allows customers to access their area anywhere on www.o2.co.uk

Create Your Account O2

Setting up your online account is easy. You just need to go to www.o2.co.uk and follow the steps below:

Register O2

To register on My O2, just note your phone number!

  • Click on MyO2 account
  • Click on “Register” at the top of the page
  • Enter your mobile number in the field provided and press send. This will ensure you don’t already have an account set up
  • Create an account by entering your contact details, as well as a username and password
  • If you forget your password in future, just click on Sign In and follow the instructions for a forgotten password or username

If you would like to transfer over from another provider, you will need to contact them to obtain your PAC code.

This is in order to unlock your iphone or android handset. The O2 customer service team can then transfer you over to their network.

Live in London with O2

Extras about o2.co.uk

You can now access your account details via the ‘my account’ link on www.o2.co.uk, or through the app available for both iphone and android.

You will also have access to rewards, which provides lots of exclusive offers and content for customers. The Blueroom with 3G coverage is also yours to use at The O2 in London.

Just showing your phone to staff at the door will ensure you are treated like a VIP all night! You can take picture messages of your favourite gigs to share with friends, or log into ‘my account’ on your tablet to access your webmail on the go. The customer service team are keen to ensure their customers always feel like the A-list and setting up your rewards account is a sure way to take advantage of this.

O2 Shop location in United Kingdom

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