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Three‘ is a network which carries more than 40 per cent of the national mobile data traffic.

The company aims to cover 4G for 98 per cent of the UK population by 2015, and it currently covers more than that with its 3G network.

Established in 2003, 3 has been pushing the boundaries of data usage, releasing an All you can eat data offer, integrating VoIP mobile services, extending data allowances to calls made from abroad through its Feel At Home service, and countless other ground-breaking initiatives.

The company is currently the fastest developing mobile network in Ireland.

Managing your My3 Account

The My3 Account is completely free and available to all 3 customers, regardless of the type of plan or device. The My three Account is available for use on mobile phones ; however the desktop browser version enjoys additional features.

It allows you to upgrade your phone, print your bills and change your roaming settings, among others.

To use the My 3 Account desktop version, you need to register on

Create a My Three account

As soon as you access the 3 homepage on the My3 tab is visible on the top right side of the desktop :

  1. Click this tab

    Click this tab to create a Three account

    Click this tab to create a Three account

  2. Then click “Register Here” on the following page
  3. On the Three’s registration page, enter your mobile number and last 6 digits of your 3 SIM in the designated boxes on the registration form. The last 6 digits can be found on the back of your SIM card, or through your phone settings.
  4. Simply follow the guide on the registration page to reveal the digits.
  5. Submit your form and you will receive a temporary My 3 Account password.
  6. Next, enter your temporary password as advised. You now have full access to your My3 Account. It is recommended that you change your password as soon as the account has been activated.

Sign in to your My 3 Account

To sign in to your My 3 account from your desktop, click the same My 3 Account tab on the 3.couk homepage. On the Three’s login page, enter your mobile or device number and your password, and then click the ‘Log In‘ button.

Access to your Three's account

Access to your Three’s account

If you can’t remember your password, select the URL entitled ‘Forgotten your password‘ on the bottom of the login form.

To access your My 3 Account on your mobile, simply open your Planet 3 mobile app and you will be signed in automatically.

Check your balance online and at Planet 3

To check your balance at Planet 3, open the mobile app and select the ‘Account balance‘ section.

Otherwise, go online to, click on the designated box and then the ‘Check your balance‘ quick link.

Top up on and Planet 3

Whenever you wish to top up using your mobile device :

  • Open the Planet 3 app on your device and select the ‘Topping-up‘ box.
  • If you’d rather top up online, go to My 3 account page, select the Top-up box in your account, and then click the ‘Top-up your account’ quick link.

Extra security with MY3 personal area

Whenever you want to change the personal information registered on your My 3 account, or you want to access adult content on your device, you need to use a PIN. To set up a PIN, log into your My 3 Account on your desktop, click ‘Security‘, and scroll down to the Change your PIN section.

Contact Three customer service

Your online account will provide countless links to the support section as you navigate through various pages and fields. To view an extensive list of FAQs, simply select the Support box in your account homepage.

Otherwise, you can access the 3 contact page section for a complete list of mobile numbers, as well as an e-mail form and a postal address for 3Customer Services.

Three Customer Complaints
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd.
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

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