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My EE account at is the UK’s foremost digital communications company offering mobile phone services, super fast broadband, and wifi calling.

EE operate the largest 4G network across Britain, and this means superior coverage and network access for 80% of mobile phone users. With 2G and 3G networks, it reach 99% and 98% of the population respectively.

Encompassing the T-Mobile and Orange brands, EE deliver mobile technology and expertise to in excess of 27 million customers, making it the largest mobile provider in the UK today.
Whether you are new to EE or you want to upgrade your existing phone, it’s easy to manage your account.

Manage your Account

Creating an account with EE couldn’t be simpler. Using your existing mobile number and and answering a few personal security details allows you to register online and make the most of your EE plan.
Once registered, you’ll have access to your account online or through the mobile phone app, and this gives you a whole host of other great benefits.

The online login allows you to:

  • Keep track of your My EE account
  • Check your balance and manage your data usage
  • Access exclusive perks and offers from EE
  • Pay your bills online

    My EE Account Sign up or register

    Different way to sign in.

Help and Support for My EE account

We have easy to access guides, which will help you to:

  1. setup your phone
  2. understand the great features and benefits you now have access to

If you have any questions or just need a bit of help, you have an online support area and an EE forum where you’ll find the answer.

We’ve ensured that setting up and managing your account online is really straightforward and that lets you concentrate on the important stuff, like calling friends and surfing the net.

If you find that something’s not working as you think it should, there is usually a simple answer and the online help will talk you through user friendly steps to fix the issue.

Joining My EE account is easy and we promise you access to the most advanced mobile services, the best network availability, and a first class customer experience when you sign up.

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