Some people delete twitter account at because they are bored with Twitter, and others because they are tired of the trolls on the network.

Deactivate account

If you choose to delete your account permanently, then you will have to wait in a queue. Twitter doesn’t allow you to simply fall from their network. They keep you waiting with the hopes that you will reclaim your account once you have changed your mind, or with the hope you can be won back to the network. Wait in the queue, and eventually they will delete permanently.

How to delete twitter account permanently?

You have to sign into on the web. They make it very difficult, if not impossible to delete permanently on your mobile preferring instead you use the desktop website.

This means you can delete :

  • From your iPhone
  • On iPad devices
  • On your Android or iOS

    Twitter mobile app

    This is Twitter Mobile App.

You cannot do it on app software or on mobile site websites.

It is far easier and quicker on a desktop computer.

Sign in to delete twitter account profile

  1. Now go to “Account settings“.
  2. Click the link to “Deactivate My Account“.
  3. Click “Okay, fine, deactivate account” after you have read the account deactivation information.

    Twitter Sign in

    Connexion screen at

You can still use your mobile app, but you will have to sign in with another Twitter account that is active. After you have deactivated, there may still be some information visible on Twitter for up to 30 days, but it usually disappears within a few days.

You cannot delete permanently right away from search engines.

Do not forget that data indexed on search engines and in search engine caches are not controlled by Twitter and may linger long after your account is deactivated. If you are trying to remove all traces of your account, then you will have to contact the search engines to have the cache information and indexed information removed. However, the search engines will eventually remove it automatically if your account is no longer active.

Your Twitter account information, data, followers, etc are retained for 30 days whilst you are in the Twitter queue. It is to give you time to change your mind. At any point during the 30 days, you may regain your account with all information intact. After the 30 days, it takes them roughly one week to remove your account from the servers completely.

Find Twitter Headquarters

1355 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103

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