Create Email Account

You can create email account profiles along with a new email address for free. There are plenty of safe and secure email services on the Internet.

Create your free email account

Search on Google for a free email account provider.

There are companies that allow you to create email account profiles for free and enjoy free storage too, such as :

The bare minimum you need is a new email address name that doesn’t exist on that network already. This means coming up with a new name and entering it into the system. They will tell you if you have used an email address that is already in use.

You now need to create a password, the longer and more complex the better. It is a good idea to grab a pen and scrap piece of paper to note down your email address and its password.

Keep the paper until you have memorized them both. According to preference or how you want to be designated, free email addresses and accounts in the UK can end with :

  1. .com
  3. .org
  4. .net

Most services offer free storage

Many email services allow you to store your emails and file without charge on their servers. The servers are secure for storing your emails and emailed files, such as for baby pictures and for business files. The content of your emails and attached files are private and secure.

Recovering your password

Most email services will give you options for recovering your password. If you have forgotten it, you need a way of accessing your account by changing the password. You may be able to have the reset information sent to one of your other email addresses.

Recovering your Gmail password

Gmail problems to signing in.

Some email services will take your phone number when you set up the account so you can have the reset information sent to your phone. Some will ask you for personal questions and secret answers to help identify you and help you reset your email password. These are settings you need to set up right at the beginning.

You can get an email address fast and at no cost, and you can do it without phone number or personal data entry. Unless you want to remain completely anonymous, it does help if you add a little personal information so that other users know who you are.

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