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An introduction to beneficial business banking systems and Barclays business accounts at

Setting up business accounts

Starting up a new business and opening a new account can appear daunting, but you can contact the Barclays Business Managers at your local Barclays Bank branch who will be pleased to discuss the best options available and establish the needs and requirements of your business.

Start Up business account

The benefit of a Start-up business account is that it will be exempt of standard bank charges for a whole year (*see Barclays terms and conditions regarding non-standard fees, overdraft costs, closure forms etc.). When the free year is up you will have a choice of two Price Plans and benefit from loyalty rewards that reduce your monthly bank charges.

  • Mixed Payments Plan geared for businesses that principally use cash and cheques.
  • E-Payments Plan for businesses that deal in electronic payments and use the computer banking system.
  • Price Plan guarantee ensures that the bank will make sure that you remain in the right system for your business by carrying out a review of the method each year.
  • Loyalty Reward is a monthly repayment back to you of a percentage of the business current account charges.

    Login to Barclays account

    Enter your surname and membership number.

Business current account

If you are a Sole Trader there is a form online that you can fill in to initiate your business current account.

For the application you will need to provide :

  1. Your address for the last 3 years.
  2. Your full business address.
  3. Details of any other financial arrangements such as mortgages etc.

If you are a Limited Company, Partnership or Franchise – You can still make the digital application, but an appointment with a Barclays Business Manager is necessary to complete the application adding further details that cannot be submitted online.

Internet banking

Login to the benefit of online banking where there are no opening and closing times and you can login to your bank 24/7 giving you freedom to review and conduct your monetary affairs online anytime.  Mobile banking is a great way of keeping up with your finances and it might be a good idea to try the Barclays Mobile App.  At the other end of a phone-call to Barclays Business Banking telephone team you will find support and guidance with the Service Guarantee.

Barclays mobile app

This is the Barclays mobile app logo.

Mind your own business well with a Barclays Business account or find an other kind of account.

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