Netflix is an online streaming service. Creating a Netflix account could not be easier, when you follow these simple steps! Do it now on

Creating an account to watch tv

  1. To create your own Netflix account, simply visit the site and click to start your free month trial.
    Netflix offers the first month free to all members and there is no catch! After this you will be asked to pick a payment plan that best suits you.
  2. Members can chose from three different plan options, “Basic”, “Standard” and “Premium”. All plans are payable by credit card or you may pay by debit and members will be charged on a monthly basis until payment method is cancelled or changed.

    Netflix pricing

    See all features in order to choose your Netflix Plan

  3. Next you will be asked to register using your email and address and creating a password for your account (online password generators are great places to come up with passwords on the spot!).
  4. You will need to verify your email account by visiting your email inbox and clicking the link and your account will then fully activate. From then you will be able to login and watch whatever you wish!

Benefits of a Netflix account and help support

  • Having a Netflix account comes with a number of benefits and personalized settings. Netflix is kid friendly and has a whole family friendly section dedicated to what kids enjoy watching, so parents can feel safe and assured. But that’s not all, sharing is available too!
  • Netflix lets you add up to six devices or users to the one account, so the whole family can be apart of it. Netflix works on any system be it mac or windows. It is available of a number of devices by simply downloading the Netflix app, so you can watch tv and movies on the go.
  • The site offers different types of TV series and movie list that get updated on a regular basis so you get notified as you log in when new arrivals are in.
  • Netflix have a great support team in place that work to help you with any technical or payment issues you may have. Whether you think your account has been hacked or you are unsure about cancellation, Netflix support can be contacted.
  • Netflix offer a live chat support so there’s no fear of being on hold for hours. For information on contacting support visit the help center on the site or call 0800-917812
Free Netflix

Try Netflix for free before everything!!!


There’s a reason so many choose Netflix and that’s because they are incredibly professional and offer a great service in my opinion worth every penny. So what are you waiting for? Make the rest of 2015 or start 2016 with an account and hopefully you’ll be enjoying your favorite shows soon. Think of it as a library of movies for sale and at your disposal.

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