Create hotmail account profiles for free and get an email address for personal use, for child or for business. Here is how it is done. Then go at

Signup and create a hotmail account

To create hotmail account profiles, you have to go to the create a hotmail account page with Microsoft:

  1. Signing up with Microsoft live is similar to signing up with Yahoo.
  2. You enter your first and last names and your username.
  3. You have to pick a username that nobody else has picked yet, so it may take a little trial and error.
  4. Then create your password, which must be eight letters long.
  5. Enter what country you live it, be it UK, USA, NZ or whatever and your date of birth.
  6. Enter your phone number and then fill out the Captcha puzzle and click the button to create the account.
  7. The puzzle stops people using spam bots to create accounts that they then use for spamming other people.
Create hotmail account

Enter your personal info to register your Hotmail account.

Set up hotmail account

After you sign up you may set up hotmail account preferences. The system is similar to the one on Facebook where you have the option of adding in preferences and such, but where you do not have to if you do not want to. You can set up the preferences for child protection by signing up your child and entering his or her real date of birth. This means that on some Microsoft products your child cannot access to over eighteen content if he or she enters his or her email address. Anything with own domain owned by Microsoft will not be made accessible if there is adult content. You can set up multiple accounts if you wish, but you will be quickly banned from the service if you try to use them to spam other people. They have very keen triggers that will ban you if they suspect you are using the accounts for anything other than personal use.

Setting up a new account is simple. You can create a hotmail account for free and you can even do it without phone number problems because you can just enter a series of random numbers if you want. The only thing is that if you want to regain access to your account you may find it difficult if you do not enter your real phone number.

How to contact Hotmail support?

1085 La Avenida St

Mountain View, CA 94043


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