Xbox account

Microsoft makes creating an Xbox account  at very easy. You can do it right there so long as you have an Internet connection.

Connect with

Getting connected with means having an Internet connection and your Xbox plugged in and on. You can create an account in most countries. For example, in the UK you can create an account by simply signing up and getting past the login.

How to create my Xbox live account ?

  1. Turn on your Xbox with a live Internet connection.
  2. Search the screen after it has booted up, you should be able to see your Xbox live login page.
  3. Click to create or change email settings.

You need to create an email account to use for your login, so you can get to the “my account” section. Create your account and password to use your Xbox live and create your Xbox account.

Play games from EA

The rules change fairly frequently, but at the moment, you need to have your games validated online in order to play them. You can play games from EA and other top developers if you sign up for an Xbox account.

Password and signing in

Find your Xbox password

Recovering your Xbox account

There is always a chance your account may be locked. This may happen because the Microsoft Company thinks you have been hacked, or because you entered the wrong details too many timesRecovery is fairly simple. The system goes through the options with you when you sign up for your Xbox live account.

It may include :

  • Sending an SMS message to your phone with unlocking details or links.
  • You are given options for how you would like to recover your account when you first sign up.

The management of your Xbox account is simple, even if it involves a migration or swap from your current email address. Once you are signed up, you may validate the games you have purchased and you may play online multiplayer games with other users from around the world. Signing up for your Xbox account is very easy and can be done exclusively on your Xbox console without the need for other mobile or desktop devices.

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