The One Account offers you numerous online banking services to manage your savings or mortgage. is part of Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Creating an Account at the OneAccount

To enjoy the services offered at The One Account, one must first be a member.

After this is achieved, several login details will be necessary to access the numerous amenities which are offered.

Fields must be filled in that include a “global key code” and certain characters from the specific spaces within one’s password and the given pass code in the One login page.

Go to the One login page to connect

Go to the One login page to connect

If these are successfully entered, the customer will then be taken to his or her own account page. It should be noted that free security software is also available for download; offering even more protection for the user.

Login to your One Account

Login to your One Account

For example, a mortgage calculator and a PPI claims service are both options that can be accessed through one’s personalised portal. Also, user settings such as a physical address or a change of email can likewise be modified.

Functions Available at

The One Account is heavily focused within the mortgage sector and as we have seen previously, a handy mortgage calculator is available. This “mortgage shrinker” will enable the user to discover whether a current mortgage is the best plan to employ.

It will determine such factors as interest rates and the time period over which the plan is valid. Many online reviews have featured this portal in quite a positive light.

Still, there will be times when a problem or question will arise. In this event, a contact number is available.

This number is :

  • 08453 01 01 01
  • 08456 10 10 54
  • 0800 400 999
  • 0800 056 0567

Another benefit when utilising this online service is that special deals are offered to “Plus One” members that boast money-saving programmes from The Virgin Group and others. As this company is conveniently located in Norwich, customers can even visit their headquarters in the event that a face-to-face enquiry is necessary.

These are a handful of the functional options that are available through the services of OneAccount. Applying is simple and after the application is approved, a host of benefits await the new customer. With such options as a mortgage calculator and a PPI claims service, this portal is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of discrete banking while being provided with a host of tools to manage their finances, you can discover a bank named MBNA to login and benefit of another avantage.

Write to The One account

The One head office
Amsterdam Place
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