Thanks to its business banking services, Santander business account at is a choice for business owners who manage their accounts online.

Opening a business account with Santander bank

Getting started with online banking at Santander is easy. Santander’s online business banking services consistently get great reviews from savvy entrepreneurs and business owners.

To apply online for a current account, you will need to have the following things ready:

  1. Your registered business address
  2. A contact number
  3. Personal details, such as your full name, date of birth, current address, address history, and whether you own or rent your home
  4. Proof of ID (which may be a passport or a driving licence) and proof of address (utility bills, bank statements, or tenancy agreements are accepted)

You will need Business details too, such as :

  • Full name
  • A comprehensive description of your business activities
  • Your estimated annual turnover for the 12 months following the application
  • Whether your clients are based in the UK or abroad

After going to the Santander business account website and reading through the terms and conditions, you will be guided through a six-step banking application process. You will then need to confirm that you wish to sign up for business banking with Santander. Once your application is approved, you will be able to login through the business online banking page. Account closure and change of signatories can be arranged in branch or by post.

Santander Business Account main screen1

Screen you will find at

Benefits of banking with Santander Bank

With a Santander business account, sending and paying in cheques is easy and safe. You will also be able to set up standing orders and direct debits quickly, and your account will even give you access to card payment terminals so that you can take credit and debit card payments at your business premises.

Start-up and regular business accounts offer a 0.25% interest rate. Santander also offers a range of business loans and insurance products. Online and mobile banking are available 24/7 that you can manage your business accounts on the go.

These services offer excellent online security to protect the assets of business owners.

Opening a business account with Santander is easy, convenient, and cost-effective, so apply online today to benefit from all these advantages.

Find Santander bank Headquarters

75 State Street

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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