Royal Bank of Scotland: Let us examine a handful of the many beneficial features provided with an electronic account through

Creating an Account Through RBS

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To set up your RBS account online, fill in your customer number

To sign up and log in to digital banking with The Royal Bank of Scotland, you need to be an existing customer. The only information required are your account number, your sort code and your debit card. Setting up the account will take a matter of minutes. Thereafter, you will be able to use your login details and enjoy these amenities:

  • A system known as “Your Points” is offered that will provide you with rewards when utilising your debit or credit card.
  • A service known as Bankline will allow all you to more effectively manage your account electronically (for those whose jobs may not permit them to speak with a bank representative during normal office hours).
  • Regular account maintenance.
  • Accessing the electronic account to address billing or technical questions.

All of these features can be accessed via a secure online connection or by entering your card into an electronic card reader at a cash point.

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How to Reset a Password on

Reset password rbs

Click on reset to have a new password and enter your customer number to remove.

Should you lose your account information, you have the ability to have these details reset. When prompted to log in, click on the option that enquires “Forgotten any of your log in details?”. You will be asked certain information such as your email address, your physical address and what type of account you currently hold. You will also be asked as to whether you reside in the England/Wales area or outside of the country. Should you provide the correct data, your information will be sent to you.

The ability to log in and reset your password are two important features that are frequently used with direct banking platforms. Should you have any questions regarding other processes or even wish to make a claim in regards to how PPI protection may have been sold, customer services representatives are available in englandandwales and can also be contacted from abroad to address such concerns.

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