A Norton account allows you to manage any product on a range of devices, learn here how to manage your security account at mynortonaccount.com

Create mynortonaccount

To create an account, simply follow these steps :

  1. Visit the mynortonaccount.com page.
  2. Click the Sign up now link.

    Create your Norton account

    Create your Norton account

  3. Click the “Create account” link.
  4. Enter a password as well as the other registration information required.
  5. Finish by clicking Sign up.”

If you encounter any problems with your account or any of the Norton products, you can find help on their support page at the top of mynortonaccount.com, where you can chat live with an agent for resolving any problems as quickly as possible.

A common problem is when someone has forgot their login details, which can be retrieved by following these steps :

  1. At the account homepage, click “Sign in.”
  2. Click on “forgot your password
  3. Enter your email address in the next Norton page.

    Enter your email address when you forgot your password

    Enter your email address when you forgot your password

  4. Instructions will be sent to your email address to reset your password.
  5. Follow these sent instructions to change your password.

With Norton Identity Safe, all these login usa details can be secured in a cloud-based vault.

For a cancellation of any Norton product, follow the instruction here :

  • Access “Norton management” in your account.
  • Sign in.
  • Click on “Automatic Renewal” for the relevant product.
  • Turn the slider from on to off.

To reinstall a product, do the following :

  • In your account, click “Download Norton
  • At the “Install on this device” pop-up, follow the instruction.

Using a Norton account

Once you sign into your account, you are met with a page detailing the devices you have installed certain products on, which serves as a handy overview. From your account, you are able to manage these products easily, whether you want to install or uninstall them on devices of your choice.

Above, there are four tabs that take you to different sections of your account. For example, under “My Account” you can find more information on each of the products you use, including your membership status and expiration dates.

Your solution by Norton

Having a Norton account is incredibly convenient for those that use multiple devices and want to maintain their security for all of them. As well as this, there is a dedicated support page for any problems that may arise regarding these products.

Norton UK Headquarters


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