Login processes associated with your BT Account online at bt.com and some basic functions for your television program.

How to create my BT Account ?

BT offers an efficient online platform that is designed to provide users with access to various areas within their account.

The registration process is quite simple. In the BT home page, click on “Not signed up to My BT yet ? Sign in now” in the tiny blue “My BT“.

Go to the BT registration page to subscribe

Go to the BT registration page to subscribe

In the BT registration page, an existing email address must first be entered and subsequently, a password will be chosen.

Subscribe to BT and enjoy these benefits

Subscribe to BT and enjoy these benefits

Once this is completed, a confirmation message will be sent to the associated email account. Once this link is activated, the user will have access to a number of different details within their BT account.

For example, areas which can be accessed will include (but are not limited to) :

  • Personalised packages (television, television and broadband)
  • Extras such as parental controls, sports and Wi-Fi
  • Online order tracking and billing queries.

There is also a mobile phone app which can be downloaded by existing customers and users can find a number online with a handy search function located at the bottom of the main page and you can access to the some functions for your television

The BT Account Login at bt.com

There may be times when a problem occurs with an account. Or, perhaps a current service has been suspended to the surprise of the customer. In these and other cases, there are several remedies which are available.

For example, an account that is suspected to have been hacked can be addressed by changing the password and contacting BT customer services directly. User settings such as an address, a primary email or the individual associated with the account can likewise be modified through the section entitled “My BT“.

It should also be noted that specific queries can be directed more efficiently by choosing the exact department in question.
The three main categories are questions associated with a home-based account, those involving a small business and another section designed to cater to the needs of a larger corporation.

Additionally, there are a number of frequently asked questions that are listed within the “My BT account” portal.

As BT is such a large company, there are a number of useful tools which can be accessed through this online portal. As a result, most issues and problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently; saving the customer a great deal of time and confusion.

BT Business Phone Systems

BT Business Phone Systems
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