There are several UK high interest savings accounts from high street banks that offer an excellent return on your money, particularly when depositing larger sums.

NatWest Savings Products

The NatWest has an enviable reputation for providing a great range of savings products which are suitable for both private and business customers.

A number of different product types are available, including :

  • Fixed term savings
  • ISAs
  • Instant savings account

Many require only a small deposit to open and can be added to in a flexible manner or through regular payments.

Lloyds Savings high interest savings Accounts for 2014

Whether you want easy access to your money or want a high interest account designed for large sums then Lloyds can help.

One of their more innovative products is their e-savings account which allows you to do the following entirely online :

  1. Open an account
  2. Make deposits and withdrawals
  3. View your balance
  4. Obtain help and support

    Subscribe to the Lloyds bank and enjoy its many benefits

    Subscribe to the Lloyds bank and enjoy its many benefits

TSB bank : they are different

Now that TSB has separated itself from Lloyds, there’s a chance to save using a number of different financial vehicles.

There are TSB products suitable for customers with varying needs.

Discover the many online services TSB Bank

Discover the many online services TSB Bank

Specific accounts are available which cover the following customer scenarios :

  • Customers with a large deposit
  • Those that wish to save a set amount every month
  • Savers that want to make irregular deposits which vary in size
  • People that want to use their tax free savings allowance
  • Products for people who want a fixed term account or one which gives instant access.

HSBC is great for customers that have transnational interests

With its expertise in facilitating international banking, this company is ideal for customers who may wish to make deposits to their account from various countries, perhaps using several different currencies.

In addition to the usual variety of savings accounts which most high street banks provide, HSBC also has a unique “loyalty” account which pays a preferential rate if customers makes payments into their HSBC ISA.

Comparison between the various products which high banks offer is a superb way of finding an account which is just what you’re looking for.

In addition to looking at the rate of interest being offered, considerations such as ease of access, online facilities and minimum deposit can all determine which product is most suitable.

By taking some time to look at the benefits each provider advertises it’s possible to find accounts which exactly meet your needs.

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