Ryanair online check in allow you to reduce the time you need to spend at the airport, Ryanair offer an online check in facility at ryanair.co.uk. 

Benefits of using the Ryanair online check in process and required information

Ryan air check-in

Enter your trip details in order to book your flight

Rather than having to obtain your boarding pass at the airport, you can save time and inconvenience by checking in using the online operation on the www.ryanair.co.uk website. This useful facility is also available at www.ryanair.alwaysonvacation.co.uk. To use the system, you will need one of the following sets of information:

  • The email address you used when making the booking and card information
  • A reservation number and the email address used when booking
  • Details of the flight date and airports of departure and arrival as well as the email address you used to book

You can access the facility by clicking on the red “Online check in” icon located on the right of the home page and follow the directions given via the link. Once the process is completed, you can print off your boarding passes. Boarding passes can be reprinted twice, so don’t worry if the first printouts go astray.

What to do if you have any queries on www.ryanair.co.uk

Ryanair customer service

Do you have a problem to book your trip? Don’t hesitate to call the customer service.

If you don’t have any of the required information to obtain online boarding passes or have any issues during the process, you can contact customer support for help and assistance. They can also help with questions about baggage allowance and what items are permitted on a flight. Assistance is available through the following channels:

  1. A blue “Search FAQicon on the top left of the homepage lets you find information using a keyword search facility
  2. On the wide yellow stripe at the top of the page is a “Contact us” link which takes you through to a further menu of helpful options, including specific links for issues such as “refunds”, “insurance letters” and “baggage”.
  3. The “About Us” section on the site also has a wealth of information relating to jobs and generic news items.

Using the Ryanair website to manage your booking and check in can save time and greatly increases the convenience of the pre-flight administration process.

Ryanair Head Office

Ryan Air

Corballis Park,

Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin,


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