Natwest Student Account

NatWest student account is a financial product, available to anyone residing in the UK and studying as an undergraduate for at least two years.

All the products offered, from NatWest international banking to mortgages, are tailored to meet customer requirements.

Benefits and Requirements of NatWest Student Account

Students can benefit from savings of one-third on travel, as well as being able to obtain discounted tickets to festivals and concerts, by both local artists and international pop stars. NatWest offers an excellent overdraft on these graduate accounts: one that offers an interest-free overdraft of five hundred pounds in the first term, rising to two thousand pounds thereafter. The account must have at least seven hundred and fifty pounds paid in every six months, which means it is perfect for students who receive their student loan money three times a year. Other benefits offered with NatWest student accounts include features like :

  • A free or discounted tastecard
  • Payments can be made using just a mobile number, or a sort code and account number,
  • Draw cash without having a debit card to hand, using a unique code generated when needed.

Students must be at least seventeen and be a resident of the United Kingdom for at least three years, studying a full-time university course that will last at least two years. This criteria includes international students. Those wishing to take up the overdraft offer must be at least eighteen, and be a full-time resident of the UK (international students are not permitted to use the overdraft facility).

Log in Natwest account

Put your Customer number to log in.

How to Open a Student Account ?

NatWest’s technology is cutting edge and their accounts can be entirely managed online.

To apply entirely online, you have to :

  1. Be a student older than eighteen,
  2. Having another debit or credit card,
  3. Give a passport or driving license.

if you don’t have debit or credit card, you can find information on basic bank account here.

The whole application process takes a mere ten minutes and can be done from the comfort of the home. Simply fill in the required information and hit submit, and the job is done, with all the paperwork and debit card arriving in the post in the next few working days.

The Natwest account website is comprehensive, with detailed information and help available, plus there are online advisors waiting to live-chat with customers. Handy telephone numbers are also supplied.

Natwest Account chat

If you have any question, you can chat with the natwest staff.

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