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If you would like to learn how to create a new account and how to get around the website, take a look at this tutorial.

Registering and Logging into Online Edexcel

Edexcel login

To login, enter your username and your password in these fields

Creating a user account is the first step in order to start using Online Edexcel and its many services. Follow these instructions to learn how to log into the online platform:

  1. While it is not possible to create an account using the official website, Edexcel can provide you appropriate login information if your center has an active account open. Contact your administration or academic center in order to learn more about this feature.
  2. Visit to log into Edexcel Online. You must agree to their use of cookies in order to continue visiting the website, so click ‘Accept’ before using your username and your password.
  3. If you somehow have forgotten your password, it is possible to ask for a new one. It will be sent to your email address, so don’t forget to check every folder, including the spam one.

Managing Your Account Using Online Edexcel

Edexcel offers you the possibility of reviewing past papers, checking test results or finding new textbooks. To access your control panel and manage your account, follow these steps:

  • Once you are inside the system, choose ‘Manage my Account’.
  • There, you will have the option of analyzing your exams with Results Plus, taking a look at new tests or using the exam wizard to create mock written exercises for you to test your knowledge.
  • Lastly, Edexcel Online also makes it easy to review past papers and maths, among other academic subjects.

Take a look at and discover why Edexcel has become one of the most useful online portals for those people who are looking to start training, achieve real results and improve their academic performance.

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