My Ebay account is a secured way to purchase bargains or to make money by selling your unwanted goods. Set up your personal account at

Both selling and buying are very easy, all you need to do is register some personal information into an eBay account. From this point onwards you are able to bid on items you are interested in or put your own items up for sale. Ebay is the best way to make your shopping easier.

Managing and maintaining a strong eBay account

Go to your “my eBay account” tab and you will see all the options available for Managing your account. You can see your account history and current balance by clicking the corresponding tab. There is also a messages tab where you can send, read and delete your messages. There is a tab in the account settings where you can set your communication preferences, and you can set standard selling rules to be sure the right customers buy from you.

You can set your own prices and post at any time of the day under any reasonable conditions you wish. There are registration buttons at the top of most screens of their web pages if you are not logged in already. Enter your Personal information, start your account and sign in.

Ebay is a two-way street in terms of the trust you build up with sellers and buyers. A feedback system is set up, and you can see transactions history:

  • Buyers satisfaction of your products
  • How happy the people you buy from are with you as a customer?
  • Your communication with buyers/sellers
  • How well you deal with any issue that arise?

It is important that you work hard to keep this rating as positive as possible. The people you interact with on eBay will use this to decide whether or not they would like to interact with you. A lot of negative activity could end up in an account that is suspended. To keep an eye on your feedback, simply login to and go to the feedback tab. Be good to everyone you deal with and maintain a fair outlook and you will do well.

Ebay login account

New user? Click on register.

Buying on eBay

Buying is the simplest transaction to get your head around, try this first before getting into the selling game:

  1. Simply use the search functions to find the products you are interested in and place a bid.
  2. You will see all your active bids in your watch list, so it’s easy to keep an eye on what’s happening.
  3. Be sure to keep track of the time left on an item, once it’s gone it is gone.
  4. Managing your account on eBay is easy, simply log in using your registered credentials and go to the personal information tab to amend what you need to.

Buying and selling on eBay is very popular and there are many great bargains to be had. There are sellers out there from outside the UK, but be wary of these are there are those that sell counterfeit goods which may be difficult to trace. Be sure to delete any dealers who do you wrong, or even report them to the eBay team. As with any online buying service, approach with caution and treat everyone the way you expect to be treated and you will do just fine.

Some people bid at the very last second before bidding is suspended. It is an easy way of sniping a product, but is time consuming and often fruitless because other people do it too. Simply keep your desired product on your watch list and watch the price over time before bidding. Beware that the product may be taken offline at any point, and once it is gone there is no guarantee you will find it again from that seller.

Ebay search bar

To find a product you are looking for, just use this search bar. You can choose a category before, in order to optimize your research.

You will find eBay around the world, which means you can buy from the UK, India, or wherever eBay has a home. Try to keep your feedback rating high if you want people to buy from you, but do not trust feedback ratings of sellers. Instead, take a look at the feedback testimonials that people have given because some people give negative feedbacks and yet say positive things, which is why the ratings cannot always be trusted.

Ebay enterprise customer care center in UK

Manchester, United Kingdom

Unit 26 Broadgate

Oldham Broadway Business Park

Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9XA

United Kingdom

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