Track your parcel very efficiently in UK on Just enter your tracking code and postcode into yodel website.

When parcels need to be sent out quickly, you can expect Yodel to collect on time. Formerly named Home Delivery Network Limited, the company has been setting the standard in parcel tracking and collection since 2010.

Providing an extensive network of service centres, customers can be assured their packages are always in the right hands. A leader in the UK delivery market, Yodel is making a difference with its innovative online tracking.

Being A Customer With My Yodel

Track parcel online

Thanks to YODEL, track your parcel around United Kingdom

Joining My Yodel is simple if you have parcels that require pick up on a regular basis. For details on signing up as a new customer, contact the company via their website at or by phone number at 0800 0152 662.

After speaking with an account manager and being accepted as an account holder, you can then begin scheduling collections from your premises as needed.

The process is handled by the Yodel team via email and specific details must be supplied at the time of booking.

Required information includes:

  • Yodel account number
  • Parcel number, quantity and contents
  • Collection date
  • Contact name, phone number and address
  • Delivery address


My Yodel delivery

To track your parcel, enter your reference and your post code.

Once collected, customers can track the whereabouts of individual parcels at Typing in the parcel identification number and postcode, it is possible to find out if a parcel has been delivered, is still at a depot or heading to its final destination.

To arrange redelivery of parcels, you can do so through by entering the card ID in the ‘Reference’ field. When viewing the details on the ‘Manage Your Parcel’ tab, you can choose a new day on which to receive it.

My Yodel is the ideal method for checking deliveries. With a dependable service, Yodel listens and acts on the feedback it receives to survey the productivity of its depots.

When there are too many jobs to get done, My Yodel takes the stress out of your day with its easy-to-track system.

Yodel Home delivery in United Kingdom

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