Login to the Mathletics website, the process quiet easy. Visit the website at www.mathletics.co.uk and register your details to create an account.

It’s easy to create a Mathletics Account

As well as your personal details such as address and billing information, you will be asked for information about your child’s age, which will help to set the right level for your child.

Once you have paid the annual subscription, your login details will be emailed to you-they will allow your child to sign in.

Login to your account Mathletics

Login to your account Mathletics

If you are a home educator, the online program is available at a discount.

Phone the helpline for more advice. It isn’t just for schools, although it’s widely used by many schools in this country and across the world, so if you are lucky your child’s school will have signed up, and your child will be able to access mathletics.co.uk from their school account. They will be able to do this from home as well as at school.

Spellodrome, which as its name suggests is designed to help children to improve their spelling skills, can also be part of the package.

It makes spelling fun with a series of cleverly designed :

  • Additional free games
  • And puzzles, such as word searches and crosswords that your child will enjoy

Mathletics.co.uk a global educator

One of the best things about learning online is the ability for your child to play against other children from across the world. Your child has the option to participate in live competitions with up to three other children at the same time, with mental arithmetic questions that are tailored to their ability. The child who answers the most questions in the fastest time wins!

Cheats are available online, but as the program is designed to match your child’s current ability, they shouldn’t be necessary.

Every week, your child will receive a bronze, silver or gold certificate depending on how much they have been using the program. Points are awarded which your child can then spend in a virtual shop on accessories for their personal avatar.

This program is a great way to make learning fun and for your child to associate maths with pleasure. No wonder, thousands of children across the world compete in World Maths Day and try hard to be Mathlete’ of the week.

To be 'Mathlete' of the week

To be ‘Mathlete’ of the week

Contact address of Mathletics “love learning” online

Mathletics’s head office
3P Learning
Bull Wharf
Redcliff Street
Bristol BS1 6QR

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