Halifax is one of the biggest UK banks. Customers have the option of using internet banking and can do this on the www.halifax-online.co.uk website.

Create a Halifax Online Account

Any customer with a standard or ultimate benefits account can use the online services Halifax offer. To create an online account, open www.halifax-online.co.uk and click on the register online icon. This opens a screen where details can be entered to create an account. The information required includes:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Postcode
  • Bank account sort count
  • Account number
Login Halifax online account

When you are registered, you just have to fill in your login and password to sign into your Halifax personal account.

Customers must choose a username and password and once registered it is possible to use the internet banking services straight away.

Sign In to Halifax UK

To sign in to an online account open the halifax-online website. Enter “username” and “password” in the correct boxes and click on “continue”. This will open a page titled My Accounts where a summary of your bank account is shown. Clicking on the account name will bring up a screen with more detailed information.

Login Problems

If you lose your password there is a Forgotten Your Password?” icon available on the online banking home page. Click on this, enter the personal banking details requested and fill in the details to change your password. You must then choose a telephone number for the Halifax automated system to call you and following the instructions will reset your password. If you lose your username details click on the “Forgotten Your Username?” icon. Fill in the personal banking details requested and follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your original username.

Halifax Online Features

Following the sign in details above will bring you to a screen with your bank account details. At the top of this there is a summary of your account balance. Below there is an Online Accounts Statement. This details all your recent transactions and shows the money coming into and going out of your account. Customers can also use their online account to set up direct debits for paying bills, change their overdraft limit and search for transactions.

Contacting Halifax UK

Halifax can be contacted by telephone using their Online Banking Helpdesk. Details of this can be found under the “Contact Us” icon on the www.halifax-online.co.uk website.

Using the online services of Halifax is a simple way to access your account details. It is simple to set up and worth doing for any Halifax banking customer.

Halifax registered office

The Mound,

Edinburgh EH1 1YZ.

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